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Uh-Oh [12/09/2007]

Went to check on secrets and there were about 20 but only one of the links worked. The ones on tinypic did not. If you want to resubmit your secrets, do so with a different host. Have fun!


Stop posting comments asking if it's time for secrets to go up. We currently have 3. When we get enough, we post them. Same goes for every week.

secrets #58 [10/05/2007]

hey lovers & fighters.
here's your weekly dose
of backstreet mania.
jesus, nick must have
50 kids by now.


12 more after the cut.Collapse )

&, as always, please submit your secrets here.
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Secrets #56 [09/28/2007]

Apparently people didn't use the hiatus to practice their skills with making appropriately sized secrets. If you posted yours to the submission entry and don't see it here, it was too big.


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Submit more secrets here (preferably not as a comment to my comment, thanks. I don't want an email about every secret :P)
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Still very few secrets, not enough worth posting. Come on guys!

Submit here.


Sorry about missing last Friday.

Sill not many secrets. Please post more here if you would like to see another post this Friday.
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We have a grand total of 2 secrets. Post more here and if we get enough, we'll post next Friday.

secrets #56 [08/31/2007]

well, here they are. some of them date back as far as last november, so if they don't make sense now, so be it. i'm posting everything 'cause i don't want to be accused of being unfair or whatnot. however, i do have a request. if you're going to make multiple secrets & submit them all in one comment, don't contradict yourself repeatedly in those secrets because, well, that just shows you're lying.


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submit your secrets here.
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we're baaaack! [08/27/2007]

we're open for business.
secrets will be posted every friday,
unless there aren't enough. & by
enough, i mean 10+.
submit your secrets here
& please read the rules
before doing so.

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Secrets #55 [09/19/2006]

You guys can stop leavung us comments telling us to update more often. We update when we get enough secrets. That's your job.


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Submit your secrets here.
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