jes (queenofgrey) wrote in bsbsecrets,

secrets #58

hey lovers & fighters.
here's your weekly dose
of backstreet mania.
jesus, nick must have
50 kids by now.














&, as always, please submit your secrets here.
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do we all just not use any sort of protection when sleeping with nick?
& yes, condoms break, but i think you have to use one in order for it to do so.
Silly, if you use a condom, then you can't get his STDs...walking around itching for the next year is the best part. Babies involve too much commitment.


10 years ago

12 - yep the last paragraph - still buy the albums, listen tot eh songs, will never grow out of them, but dont have time to be too obessive these days. Im too old!
4. Most of those sentences didn't actually make any grammatical sense...

11. I remember seeing this one already but in different form. I'm glad when I told you to make it smaller, you made it smaller but still too big...good job.
P.S. 11, this community would fall under the category of fansite, I think. Especially if you're posting here.
who is in number 8?
So, Nick is gay, and having babies with females. This makes sense how? Unless, the "Nick is my baby's daddy" secrets were made by males, then mpreg really is real. *gasp*
omg that must be it!! There are hundreds of hot pregnant men roaming the countryside in search of Nick so they can ask for money!



10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago

LOL! thank you for these. man the imaginations of friends. Nick has fathered a million children, is gay, and a girl? what a busy guy! but enjoyed the update!
wait i went and reread the shrink post, so Nick is either gay or you are a guy. but another thing, if Nick was gay, who are you to try and out him?


10 years ago

#4 was done by a guy or a liar. guess which one I think it is.
#4 Makes no sense...I mean, the middle parts do, but the beginning and ending are gibberish!

#8 Why would any of the BSB want to get involved with a scene boy? He's like what...17? Looks it at least.
Sorry, personal vendetta against emo and scene kids...
who is that in 7. & 8.? I'm so confused.....
12.- Al Pacino's Scarface.... omg, I love AJ even more now!.
even though I didn't get the secret xD.
Cologne/Koln Germany! yay!
So Nick needs to buy some condoms apparently.

And you know, there have been like 3 weeks of secrets and the Nick is gay, nick has thousands of kids, and AJ isn't sober are already played out.
Hey Bri.

And I think all of them have played out. I just post them 'cause it's my job. Sometimes I make one to mock everyone :)
Okay, can we get some new secrets that we haven't heard. I mean i could make one but then again, it wouldn't be all that interesting. I mean really, nicks gay, i had his baby etc is just annoying now.